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Battery Backup

solar panels for your home

Since solar panels rely heavily on their exposure to the sun to turn the energy into the power that ignites your appliances and electrical outlets, you might wonder what happens to all of your electrical connections when the sun isn’t out or able to produce direct energy, including at night or during cloudy days. When this is the case, you will want to turn to a battery backup system. Battery backups operate to store enough energy to power your home or building when the sun is not visible enough to produce the same energy. This allows you to never go without sufficient power, no matter what the sun visibility is.

Energy Storage

The main purpose of a battery backup is to effectively store energy that can power your house at a later time when the sun is not visible. The battery will store enough energy to keep your house running with enough power for the duration of time that the sun is not visible. You will need a set number of batteries depending on how much power you need without direct sunlight and based on the size of the home you are looking to power.

Weather Changes

When the weather changes, this can have an effect on how much energy you receive based on the sun’s visibility. If the sun is not as visible, you can expect less energy to be stored in your backup battery. Backup batteries are meant to accommodate this as it can be challenging to power your home or commercial space when the weather is dark or cloudy for several days in a row. The good thing, however, is that the solar panels can still trap and transform the energy needed to store in the battery, even based on minimal visibility.

Battery Backup

It's recommended that every home or commercial space that has solar energy, also invests in a battery backup system to accommodate the property. Depending on how big the property is will determine how many batteries are needed. For a larger house that will need to be powered consistently for a day or two without the assistance of the solar panels, you may need 2 or 3 batteries. For commercial property, you may need one for every larger sectional of square footage.

Connectivity and Reliability

If you’re interested in investing in a backup battery after you’ve initially installed your solar panels, we’d be happy to help you get started. We can provide the best backup batteries in the area that work in conjunction with your solar panels to deliver quality energy storage and power services. We also provide repairs and maintenance on the batteries, when needed, so you don’t have to worry about your backup battery malfunctioning at a time when you need it most. All of our backup batteries offer the highest standard of connectivity and provide ongoing reliability for long-term use. With all of this in mind, investing in a backup battery has never been so easy!

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