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Is Solar Right for me?

Solar System Tax Credit

The installation of Solar Panels on the rooftops is an emerging trend worldwide. The foremost question which arises in the mind of a person is “what is the cost of a solar system that will power my home?” Here are various factors that affect the cost and long-term value a solar system can offer your home.

What factors affect solar panel cost?

Several factors help to decide the actual cost of the solar panel for different locations and with new technology coming online every day costs are constantly in flux. It is best to contact a knowledgeable local  Solar Sonoma PV contractor to determine the actual solar panel cost for your local area. Now, we will talk about the factors affecting the value of the solar panels, which are as follows:

  • Home’s average utility cost and energy usage
  • Rooftop’s solar potential
  • Average local cost of installation
  • Average labor cost
  • Local incentives and rebates



What is Solar Tax Credit?

Solar System Tax Credit or Investment Tax Credit grants you up to 26% of the cost of your solar system. Keep this in mind, as it changes year to year and the date that your solar system is approved to operate determines the year you can claim your tax credit from the federal government.



Solar Batteries – the extra energy storageSolar System Tax Credit

By installing solar batteries with a solar panel system, you can maximize your ability to use the electricity generated by solar panels daily. When you want more power than your solar panels are producing, at that time, you can use the energy stored by the batteries. This is invaluable during rolling summer blackouts & Fire season shutdowns, especially if you have a loved one in your home that relies on special medical equipment.



Facts about Solar Energy

Solar energy is the cleanest and most abundant renewable energy source available because it is the energy from the natural resource-the Sun, that converts into electrical energy. Solar technologies connect this energy for various uses like generating electricity, providing a comfortable environment, and heating water for commercial, residential, or industrial use.



How does a Solar Power System Work?

A Solar Power System or Solar Photovoltaic panel system converts sunlight directly into electricity. A solar array is made up of a group of photovoltaic panels. Each panel contains solar cells which contain two layers of silicon wafers, which become positively and negatively charged when the sun hits them. More electricity is generated when sunlight is more intense and strikes the PV modules directly because the blades do not make power with the heat of the sun only. Solar panels are a reliable energy source of energy that produces electricity without any noise or air pollution.



Best Offers

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  • A 25-year bumper to bumper warranty.
  • Our team provides you with industry leading Tesla Powerwall batteries for any unexpected power outages.
  • 24 hours to get a quote and rooftop design.
  • Your first 3 months is on us!


Solar Panel Installation Process

  • Panel mounts – Prepare the panel mount structure, which must have an angle between 18 to 36 degrees for more sunlight exposure.
  • Install solar panels – Now install the solar panels on the mounting structure and ensure tightening up all the bolts and nuts.
  • Wiring – Install the electrical wiring to the solar panels.
  • Solar inverter – Install the solar inverter near panels and preferably in a cool location.
  • Solar inverter and battery – Now connect the solar inverter and battery for usable energy in cloudy weather.
  • Inverter and customer unit – Connect the inverter to the customer unit to generate electricity.
  • Start and test – The last step is to switch the button on and check the newly installed solar panel system.

Which factors responsible for Solar Panel Installation cost?

Here are mainly five factors which are responsible for determining the cost of solar panel installation, which are as follows:

  • Solar System Tax CreditThe number of solar panels purchased by the person has a positive impact on deciding the cost of installation of the system. Contact our team for a free easy consultation to determine this number based on analyzing you power usage trends on your PG&E Bill.
  • The types of the various solar panel systems also affect the cost.
  • The ease of the solar system installation on your home.
  • The break-even point and how quickly you achieve it also plays an essential role in deciding the cost of installation.
  • The choice of the solar installation company, OUR PRICES WILL NOT BE BEAT!


Advantages of solar energy

The various advantages of solar energy are as follows.

  • It is the environmentally friendly source for generating electricity.
  • Economical, as it works for a long time, and with your costs locked in you will no longer suffer annual rate increases imposed by PG&E.
  • Easy to install in various locations.
  • Easy to sustain because there are no moving parts to replace in the future.
  • It Works everywhere, even in remote locations too.
  • It is a versatile power source used on large- and small-scale.
  • Unlimited Renewable energy!



  • Solar Sonoma offers the best in the business 25, 2.99% APR to our customers
  • Our company provides the best equipment in the industry, with top brands like LG and Tesla backup batteries for more energy
  • Our well-trained team averages only 3-5 weeks from start to finish, so CALL TODAY.




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