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Solar Options

What we deliver

Find the best option for you

We at Solar Sonoma have crafted several programs with you in mind. From extensive experience in the industry we have procured only the top of the line equipment. This ensures your system will be robust and bring excellent value to your home for years to come. Also, when you call and start working with our consultants, you can rest easy knowing your system will be just the right size to address your power needs. Lastly, know you can have confidence that the job will be done right the first time. Our team has the years of experience and depth of knowledge that we stand behind with out comprehensive warranty on the system.

Most popular

Purchasing Power Agreement

The Purchasing Power Agreement offers you the best solution for instant savings. You can buy the electricity at ta much better rate than you'll get from the utility company. The energy comes right from your rooftop.  With this specific option you OWN THE SYSTEM after only six years. The Purchasing Power Agreement is obviously our most popular deal, enjoyed by those who don't want to take on a lot of debt and wish to save instantly. The contract has the following features:

  • Zero down payments
  • Fixed monthly installments that will never increase!
  • System ownership
  • Immediate savings
  • Limited warranty
  • Better battery backup options

Our Most Inexpensive

Solar Lease


The Solar Lease California offers you the best choice to pay monthly installments to acquire a solar system without getting a loan. The difference between the Solar Lease California and Purchasing Power Agreement is that the Solar Lease averages out throughout the year to give you constant bills while also offering immediate savings. Our customers really enjoy the consistency of having one low payment each month.  The various features are as follows:


  • Zero down payments
  • Fixed LOW monthly installments that will never increase!
  • Save financial resources
  • Optional battery backup
  • Warranty coverage

The Best of Both Worlds!

Solar Loan


The Solar Loan is the truly a Win Win, since it offers the long term security of ownership. This package is great because it also puts the tax rebate in your hands where it belongs, so you can use it how you see fit. Our clients who select the Solar Loan option have the benefit of both long-term and instant savings. Savings are based on the size of the system and its usage. Following are a few highlights of this method:


  • Zero down payment
  • Fixed monthly installments that will never increase!
  • You have complete  Ownership of the System!
  • Save money up front, and over the life of the system
  • Warranty coverage options
  • Optional back-up battery integration
  • Tax rebate is all yours
Solar Lease California

Go Non-Grid

Tesla Battery

Sizes: L x W x D: 45.3”x29.6”x5.75” (1150mm x 753mm x 147mm),Weight 251.3 lbs /114 kg Features Scalable up to 10 Powerwall depth of Discharge 100% Operating Temperature -4°F to 122 °F/ 20 °C to 50 °C. Efficiency, 90% round-trip, Supported Applications Solar self-consumption, Backup power, Time-based Control, Off-grid Capabilities, Certification North American and International Standard Grid, Code Compilation Installation, Floor or Wall-mounted indoor or outdoor Power 7Kw peak/ 5Kw continuous, and warranty ten years.



Why Choose us

Protect the Planet by using the Renewable and Clean Energy Source

Solar Sonoma is proud to be partners with our friends atSolar Energy Partners or SEP. They are a top-notch renewable energy packages provider that are transforming and redefining the process of delivering sustainable energy across the globe. SEP is fueling a greener tomorrow in 18 counties across Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa, and America.


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